Frequently Asked Questions on Arch Supports

Do arch supports fit into any type of shoes?

Yes, arch supports are designed to fit into any type of shoes.

Who needs arch supports?

Arch supports ease many physical discomforts by taking the pressure off uncomfortable pressure points. Individuals, seniors, diabetics, children or competitive / non-competitive athletes can use arch supports.

Is it necessary to wear the orthotics in both feet if only one foot hurts?

It is recommended that you should wear the orthotics in both the feet as wearing the orthotic in only one shoe can put your body out of balance and may cause your hips to be out of alignment.

Are arch supports safe for kids?

Yes. But, it is important that the arch supports are properly sized and fitted and are appropriate for their age, activity level, and the types of shoes they wear.

How do arch supports help?

Arch supports provide a firm, flexible support necessary to help correct poor foot bio-mechanics, providing long term pain-relief solutions.