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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Ankle Wrap

You may require to put on an ankle wrap for two days after injury, but if the sprain is severe you may require to keep it in place for a week or two.

Ankle wrap is used to treat ankle sprains that may cause instability, pain , swelling, joint stiffness and trouble walking. It may take upto 5-14 days to heal. Ankle wrap provides the required compression for the period of recovery.

You must apply compression (ankle wrap) to the sprained ankle but it should not be too tight to abtruct the blood flow. keep your ankle elevated in order to reduce the pain and swelling. Try to keep the sprained ankle at heart level.

Ligaments may take at least six weeks to heal. Muscle strength, range of motion, proprioception and return to function may vary with the intensity of the injury. Please do not overstretch ligaments and soft tissue, or you may develop a passively unstable ankle.

Yes, ankle wraps are light enough to be worn inside a shoe. But some designs may require special shoes to be worn.

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