Frequently Asked Questions on Upper Limb Orthotics

What are upper limb orthotics?

Upper limb orthotics are orthopedic braces or splints designed for arm, shoulder, hand, wrist, finger or elbow which provide support to the weakened or injured upper limb and aid in speedy recovery.

How do upper limb splints help people with arthritis?

Splints protect the joints and if required immobilizes them in order to prevent furthur complication. People with osteoarthritis can benefit from these splints (hard or soft). Some hand splints provide passive realignment of affected structures due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Can hand splints work in case of Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Pressure on the median nerve by wrist posture is considered the main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be treated by using some custom made wrist splints at night.

Is there an option for hand and wrist fractures other than plaster of paris?

Yes, Many wrist and hand fractures or displacements can be handled with low temperature thermoplastic splints. These splints can be water proof and it is possible to remove them under controlled circumstances for hand hygiene and prescribed exercises.

Why are hand splints important after surgery?

Hand braces and splints help in utilizing the early protected movement. They limit and control swelling that eventually leads to stiffness of joints.