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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Electric massager

Massage therapy helps in increasing blood circulation, removes toxins and reduces excessive amount of fluid in areas that have cellulite accumulation.

No, It is not recommended to use any electrical massage device on pregnant women because there can be a problem with pregnancy.

Electric massager should not be on the face, back or top of the head. It can be used up to the base of the skull, but never on the skull. The body massager can be used over the heart as long as there is no pacemaker or internal defibrillator present.

Massagers can be used multiple times a day at any time, but it is not recommended to use them at a particular point for mare than 15 minutes. However if it is circulating to nearby ares the it can be used for around 30 minutes.

Yes, it is safe to use elecric massagers on people with multiple sclerosis but the symptoms of MS are diffrent in each case so using a massager is an entirely subjective desicion on the part of the user.

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