Frequently Asked Questions on Orthopedics

What is whiplash?
Whiplash is a common term for a hyperflexion/hyperextension injury which occurs to the neck when flexing it. If you stretch your neck a bit more than you should, you are in danger of being injured. This action will tear the muscles and ligaments of the neck.
How do you treat whiplash?
You may need to see your orthopedist if the pain is severe. Otherwise, a minor case of whiplash can be treated with an initial period of rest followed by gentle, neck exercises. Four simple and gentle neck stretches might do the trick:
  • Neck extension
  • Neck flexion
  • Neck rotation
  • Side flexion
  • Fracture - what is it?
    A crack or break in a bone is called fracture. It can be either complete or partial. If the skin is punctured by the fractured bone, then it is known as an open or compound fracture.
    How does a fracture occur?
    Forceful impact or trauma to the bone can cause a fracture. High impact sports injuries are one of the reason for broken bones. Again, diseases that cause the bones to become brittle and weak leads to fractures. Sometimes, long-distance walking or running for a long period of time causes fractures as also falls, accidents, osteoporosis and tumors growing near the bone.
    What do orthopedic braces and splints focus at?

    Orthopedic braces and splints are designed to protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries and abnormal alignment along the treatment process of rehabilitation and recovery.

    Are over the counter orthopedic braces safe?

    Orthopaedic braces are intended to serve a specific type of problem. So it is not recommended choose them yourself. Please consult your orthopaedician, they will guide you what kind of braces you need.

    Can you wear an orthopedic brace at night?

    Yes a brace can be worn at night but it is advised to loosen the bands a bit to avoid obstructing the blood circulation.

    What are the types of orthopaedic braces available?

    HPFY offers a wide range of products including back braces, abdomen supports, cervical braces, limb elevators, lower limb braces, orthotics, orthopaedic pillows, casts, cushions, wedges and lot more.