Frequently Asked Questions on Hot And Cold Therapy

Is hot and cold therapy good for back pain?

Hot and cold therapy can be helpful in back pain when hot pack and cold pack are used together. When there is rotation between each type of temperature the pain is likely to be reduced lowering inflammation and loosening muscles simultaneously.

Can hot and cold therapy be used for plantar Fasclitis?

In case of plantar fasciitis cold compression helps you to get inflammation and swelling down and this will also reduce the pain level to a great extent.

What are the benefits of hot and cold therapy?

Hot and cold contrast therapy exerts a physiological effect on the body''s pain gate mechanism when applied simultaneously, thereby temporarily altering pain signals traveling to and from the brain. This temporary reduction in pain is a great relief for people suffering long term complaints of the nervous and musculo-skeletal systems. Hot and cold contrast therapy can be applied locally on your skin using hot and cold packs.

Can Hot and cold therapy help with arthritis pain?

Yes, Hot and cold therapy can help people with arthritis. It is best to soothe the stiff joints and tired muscles while reducing pain and inflammation to a great extent.

Is hot and cold therapy suitable for Hamstring Strain?

A hamstring strain must be treated with a cold treatment that helps stop internal bleeding in the damaged tissue and reducing swelling and inflammation.