Frequently Asked Questions on Pantyhose

Can pantyhose help circulation?

It is eminent that a Pantyhose is beneficial for wellness of the legs, improves blood circulation and brings relief for achy, crampy, tired and fatigued feeling legs.

Are pantyhoses washable?

Yes, pantyhoses are washable. It is recommended to hand wash with a mild detergent to extend the wear life of a support pantyhose.

Can a pantyhose cause urinary tract infections?

Panty hoses made of synthetic materials have a tendency to retain heat and moisture, allowing bacteria and yeast to flourish which may be a cause for UTI’s.

What is the difference between a pantyhose and compression stockings?

Pantyhose and compression stockings are mostly used to alleviate pain in the legs caused due to poor blood circulation. Compression pantyhose and stockings both are designed to exert pressure on veins but they differ in the amount of pressure exerted. A support hose exerts a slightly lesser pressure than stockings and hence are perfect for those who need to stand for longer intervals each day.

What is a support pantyhose?

Support pantyhose may be classified into light, medium and firm support. These support pantyhose are designed to minimize leg fatigue and to improve blood circulation. Support pantyhose are good for prolonged standing, sitting and for long distance travel.