Frequently Asked Questions on Travel/Portable Power Chairs

What are travel power chairs?

Travel power wheelchairs are designed for portability and can also be used compact spaces, such as small apartments and shops. These power chairs are intended as an alternative mobility device when one requires a very compact portable device that can be easily dismantled.

What is the maximum speed of travel power wheelchairs?

The maximum speed of travel power chairs is 4 miles per hour.
What distances can a travel power chair cover with a full battery charge?
Travel power chairs offer a drive range of 10 miles on full charge.
Where can portable wheelchairs be used?

Travel electric wheelchairs perform great on sidewalks, in malls, on cruise ships, and in airports.

What kind of seating does a travel power wheelchair feature?

Portable power wheelchairs feature a minimal seat in order to adhere to the compact size of the chair. A travel seat has a padded base and a low-cut padded back, with flip-up armrests. The seat is contoured to secure the user in place along with a folding backrest for transportability. The padded cover can be removed for cleaning.