Frequently Asked Questions on Rear Wheel Drive

What are rear wheel drive power wheelchairs?

In a rear wheel drive power chair the drive wheel is located at the back side of the chair (rear side), with smaller casters in the front side. Rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs are the preferred mobility equipment for individuals who require a chair that is powerful and easy-to-maneuver in a variety of environments.

What special features do rear wheel drive chairs offer?
  • Wider turning radius for smooth navigation outdoors and in open spaces
  • Great performance capability combined with the added support and stability of swing-away footrests
  • Large weight-bearing wheels with anti-tip casters that increase riding security
What is the maximum driving speed of rear wheel drive power chairs?

The maximum speed of rear wheel drive power wheelchairs is 6 miles per hour.

What advantages do rear wheel drive power chairs have?

RWD power chairs offer the highest speed and performs well at high speeds. Rear Wheel Drive power bases track very straight that can be beneficial while driving at high speeds and with non-proportional input devices. Additionally a RWD has a good stability and handles aggressive terrain effectively.

What limitations do rear wheel drive wheelchairs posess?

Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have a 360-degree circumference and turning radius (30 to 33 inches) making them more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.