Frequently Asked Questions on Pediatric Wheelchairs

Who are the users of pediatriic wheelchairs?

A pediatric wheelchair can be used by a child with cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy or other disabilities, or who is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery that hinders ambulation.

What utility does folding pediatric wheelchairs offer?

Folding pediatric wheelchairs are great if the child has changing needs. These wheelchairs can be folded compactly for storage, and they are also great for travel.

At what age is can a power wheelchair be used in kids?
Many kids start using a power wheelchair at an age of 12-18 months.
What are pediatric strollers?

Pediatric strollers are specially equipped chair for disabled or physically challanges kids. These Strollers are designed to be used indoors or outdoors with a number of positioning options for the safety of the child. Some Strollers have growth capacities to grow with the child.

What does the WC19 certification imply?

WC19 is wheelchair standard established by the wheelchair industry and transportation safety experts, which has certain minimum performance criteria for wheelchairs used as seating aboard a motor vehicle. This criteria includes design and performance guidelines to protect the safety of wheelchair occupants in the event of a crash.