Frequently Asked Questions on Standers

What is a supine stander?

Supine standers are designed for users with low head control. Supine standers have a backward leaning posture and support the posterior (back) of the body.

How do prone standers work?

Prone standers support the anterior (front) of the body by leaning forward. They are designed for children with the required head control.

How are sit to stand standers helpful?

Sit to stand standers are designed to make transitions between sitting and standing positions easier. They assist in standing frequently and adjustable for growth and body changes.

Who can use vertical standers?

Vertical standers are for users with a good lower and upper body control but require a little extra support for standing.

What are the benefits that dynamic standers provide?

Dynamic standers are highly maneuverable and allow for development of motor skills along with a sense of independence in children.

Who can use standing frames?

Standing frames can be used by any wheelchair dependent individual. A standing frame provides alternative positioning supporting the user in the standing position.