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Frequently Asked Questions On Patient lift slings

A U-sling is a standard quick-fit, universal sling that works for most of the patients approx. 85%. It is available in all sizes from XS to XL. U-sling is the easiest sling to use for wheelchair transfers because the bottom is open and the patient does not sit on the sling. Simply pull the back support down behind the patient''s back and the long leg straps wrap around the thighs of the patient.

A sling with head support is a specialized sling that incorporates more back and head support with padded leg straps. Available in sizes XS to XL. Works best for patient''s that go into extension or have involuntary movements or behavioral problems.

The toileting sling has a wide back-strap that goes around the patients back and under arms with a wide leg strap that wraps around the thigh of the leg and up-and-between the legs. This sling does not have head support, the patient must be able to support themselves from above the shoulders. This sling has a commode opening that allows the user to sit on a portable or fixed commode seat without the need of removing the sling.

A split leg design uses wide straps that loop through the legs. This type of sling offers secure patient handling while providing comfortable positioning since the knees are not squeezed together as in a hammock sling.

In case of a hammock sling the patients knees are pressed together and "pinching" in the shoulders occur. Some patients may find the lateral "pinching" uncomfortable or even painful. To eliminate this effect one must consider the divided leg slings.

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