Frequently Asked Questions on Residential Ramps

What is the difference between an inside lift and outside lift?

Inside lifts are designed to be installed inside a van, truck bed or car trunk. If you are installing the lift in a car trunk, you will need to be able to remove the seat on your scooter or power wheelchair. Outside lifts are designed to be attached to a class 3 hitch on the rear of almost any vehicle and they require no lifting at all.

How does the outside lift operate?

The outside lift is much like a platform that lowers to the ground. You drive your scooter or wheelchair onto the lift, push a button to raise the lift. The outside lift has automatic locking devices to secure the scooter or power chair to the lift.

How do I use the outside lift in bad weather?

If you purchase an outside lifts, an optional scooter or wheelchair cover can be bought for a nominal fee. The motor on the lift itself is sealed to protect it from rain damage.

What do I do with an outside lift when its not in use?

The platform on the outside lift raises automatically in the vertical position up against your vehicle when your scooter or wheelchair is not on it. The platform is perforated to remove wind resistance.

Where does a wheelchair lift mount?
  • A swing-arm wheelchair lift can be mounted in the trunk of most vehicles, including sedans.
  • Other models are available for mounting on either the rear doors or the driver or passenger side of most SUVs, full-size vans, mini-vans and crossover vehicles. 
  • Some models are designed for the rear doors of most sport utility vehicles, crossover vehicles, full-size vans and minivans.