Frequently Asked Questions on Misc Transfer Aids

Who needs a transfer board?

Patients who have good upper trunk strength, strong arms and chest, but who have difficulty with standing are ones who need the transfer board.

What is the weight capacity of a transfer board?

Transfer boards made of maple plywood are tougher and hence offer a weight capacity of upto 440 lbs. While those made of plastic can hold weights upto 220 lbs.

Where can a transfer board be used?

It is advisable to have a clutter-free space to move around in when using a transfer board. The caregiver should consider how to position the patient and the furniture, and have plan for a safe transfer before attempting the move.

What are the advantages of a transfer board to the caregiver and patient?

For a caregiver, a patient transfer board eliminates the strain on the back experienced in lifting a patient completely. For a patient, a transfer board provides safety and ease in moving to a seat. Most patients who are able to use a transfer board can learn to do it with only a little help, and some can use a transfer board completely independently.

What can be done to prevent falls during transfers?

These tips can help you perform transfers using transfer boards more safely and easily:

  • Keep the board within easy reach. Never substitute another object if the transfer board is not nearby.
  • Move slowly and carefully. 
  • Transfer between surfaces of similar height. 
  •  Protect your skin from getting pinched or rubbed during the transfer. 
  • Keep your body parts in correct position.
  • Wear any orthopedic devices you have while transferring. 
  • If you have decreased strength or sensation in your upper body, work with a caregiver to help you transfer.
How is a sliding sheet helpful in patient transfers?

Lateral transfers, sitting a resident/patient up, moving them up the bed and turning them from one side to the other are the type of tasks that can be carried out easily and with the minimum amount of stress using sliding sheets. A wide range of flat sheets with handles and tubular slides have been designed to meet the needs and challenges of both acute and long term care environments.