Frequently Asked Questions on Hand Sanitizers

How to properly use a hand sanitizer?

Dispense an adequate amount of hand sanitizer in your palm to cover all surfaces of the hands completely. Then, rub hands together until dry. Make sure you cover back of hands, in between fingers, and around fingernails.

Are alcohol based sanitizers Flammable?

Yes, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable and should be kept away from fire or flames.

Are foaming sanitizers better than gel sanitizers?

The choice between gel and foam sanitizers is really a personal preference. Efficacy and skin sensitivity data suggests that there are no measurable differences between gel and foam hand sanitizers.

How much hand sanitizer should be used per application?

An adequate amount of sanitizer should be applied such that all surfaces of the hands are completely covered and remain wet for at least 15 seconds.

How much alcohol does a hand sanitizer have in it?

Hand sanitizers contain between 60% and 95% ethanol (alcohol).