Frequently Asked Questions on Patient Transfer Aids

How are bed pads or Underpads useful to immobile patients?

Underpads/Bedpads are helpful to soak up any wetness that may occur as a result of accidental spills, leakage due to incontinence or spills during a bath or sponge routine.

What are bed ladders, bed safety rails used for?

Bed rails are equipment placed on the bedside that help the patient to sit up from a lying position, without much assistance. bed Ladders allow the patients with upper body strength to sit up on their own with a step by step motion as they hold on to the ladder handles

What are the products that help to clean chemicals or body fluid spills?

Absorbents, Solidifiers, Spill Containment, and Drain protection products help in cleaning chemical spills, and body fluid spills etc.

What products help you maintain a clean and hygienic environment in hospitals?
  • Disinfectants and Cleaners help in maintaining hygienic and clean environment. These include wipes, towelettes, sprays, dispensers, detergents and much more.
  • Different types of sanitizers, soaps and hand wash solutions aid in safe and germ-free procedures.
Are there any products for safe patient transfers?

HPFY offers patient transfer aids like Gait belts, Patient Transfer belts with handles, Transfer Boards, Sliding Sheets, Evacuation chairs and other floor recovery products for safe patient transfers in home or in hospitals.