Frequently Asked Questions on Anita Breast Forms

What makes Anita breast forms unique?

Anita breast forms are unique because:

  • They have been tested for compatibility with skin
  • They offer secure and natural feeling
  • Their weight and touch are very similar to biological breast
  • Anita flex cap technology provides natural movement
How to wash breast forms?

Use mild soap or detergent and water to wash breast forms and then dry with a towel. It is recommended not to use aggressive solvent-based cleaners or sharp objects as these can damage the surface.

How to clean adhesive breast forms?

Clean adhesive breast forms using water and mild soap. Do not use fabric or paper towels for drying adhesive strips.

Which Anita Care breast form can be used soon after surgery?

Soon after surgery, breast forms made from gentle micromodal fibre and cotton are considered most appropriate because they are gentle on the skin. Anita 1018X Equilight and 1019X TriFirst are examples of such breast forms.

Which Anita breast forms are ideal for swimming?

For swimming Anita’s breast forms with a ribbed design are considered appropriate as the rib design allows water to drain quickly while swimming and also the breast form are not pushed upwards. Anita’s 1054X Active and 1084X L/R Active Asymmetric can be worn while swimming.

How to wear Anita Care partial breast form?

Anita Care partial breast form can be worn either directly against the skin or inside any pocketed Anita mastectomy bra.