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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Nearly Me Mastectomy Bras

First find out the bra band size

  • With a soft tape measure around that part of the body where the bra band will sit
  • Do not pull on the tape tight
  • Ensure the tape is placed evenly around the body
  • Round off the figure to the closest inch, either higher or lower  
  • If the rounded-off measurement is an even number, add 4
  • If the rounded-off measurement is an odd number, add 5

This will give you your band size.

Determine the cup size  

  • Start measuring from the center of the chest and take it over the fullest area of the natural breast to the center of the back
  • Multiply the measurement with 2 
  • If the figure you have is
    -equal to or up to 1 inch larger than the bra size, then choose cup A 
    -1 inch-2 inch larger than bra size, then choose cup B
    -2 inch-3 inch larger than bra size, then choose cup C 
    -3 inch-4 inch larger than bra size, then choose cup D 
    -4 inch-5 inch larger than bra size, then choose cup DD

A Nearly Me pocketed bra is a specially designed bra that is worn after mastectomy. It is a bra with pockets within the cups to hold inserts, padding or breast forms.

Generally, it is between 4-8 weeks after mastectomy before you can consider seeing a prosthesis fitter. By then the sutures and incision site would have healed. An important element during measurement will be determining whether you are wearing the right size mastectomy bra. The fitter will check this out because the correct fitting only will ensure the right support for prosthesis.

Underwired bras provide greater support and hold up the breasts giving them lift and shape. These bras are designed to prevent back and shoulder pain. Non-wired bras do not have a wire and are soft cup bras. They offer more comfort and are gentle on the skin.

Nearly Me mastectomy bras are stylish, comfortable and supportive. There is a wide range in styles and color. Nearly Me offers seamless style post mastectomy bras for women who like a smooth look under the T-shirt. Bra sizes range from 32 A to 52 DDD. Nearly Me bras have firm, wide elastic/non-elastic straps that minimize cup bounce and prevent skin irritation and friction. Poly pockets within every cup provide additional security and a pocket design offers breathable comfort to tender, sensitive skin.

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