Frequently Asked Questions on External/Condom Catheter

What is an external/condom catheter?

An external/condom catheter is a device designed to manage urinary problems due to incontinence or post-surgery. It is meant only for the male and comprises a flexible sheath with tubing attached.

How does a male external/condom catheter work?

An external catheter rolls over the penis like a condom and remains in place with the help of an adhesive. The urine from the urinary bladder flows into a bag that is attached to the catheter via tubing. This urinary bag may be secured to the leg or the bed rails.

How to apply external/ condom catheter?
  • Wash hands with soap and water. Rinse and dry penis. 
  • Examine penis to ensure no broken skin. 
  • Roll condom on to the penis. 
  • Leave about 1 to 2 inches of condom catheter at the end of the penis. 
  • Cover sheath holder around the condom at the base of the penis. 
  • Connect condom catheter to the urine bag.
  • In case small urinary legbag is to be used then secure the urine bag to the leg just below the knee using a catheter leg strap which is part of the kit. Leave the tube slack to avoid a pull on the catheter during movement. 
  • At night, use a urinary bag instead of a legbag.
  • Attach the urinary bag to the bed rail and ensure it is lower than the level of the bladder at all times so as to ensure free flow of urine.
What are the benefits of using an external/condom catheter?

A condom catheter helps prevent urinary tract infections because this type is external and there is no tubing inserted into the urinary bladder. It allows direct disposal of urine into the toilet plus keeps the skin free from the acidic effect of urine that could led to rash or bedsores.

How often should an external/condom catheter be changed?

An external/condom catheter can be worn up to 24 hours. It needs to be changed on a daily basis or every other day and should not be re-used. This helps avoid infections.