Frequently Asked Questions on Closed System Catheter

What is a closed system catheter?

A closed system catheter is a self-contained, pre-lubricated and sterile catheter that includes an attached collection bag. During insertion, the user does not need to pull out and handle the catheter thus exposing it to bacteria but has to merely advance the tubing out of the bag and glide it into the urethra till it reaches the bladder.

What are the components of a closed system catheter?

The closed catheter system has a:

  • Catheter cap
  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Introducer tip
  • Collection bag with gradient markings
  • Assorted insertion supplies
What is the advantage of using an introducer tip?

During catheter insertion, the introducer tip bypasses the initial few millimeters of the urethra where maximum number of bacteria reside. The introducer tip takes the catheter through the urethra and into the bladder without allowing it to be exposed to harmful elements thus reducing the risk of infection.

What are benefits of using closed system catheter?

Closed system catheters provide extra protection from bacterial infections, etc., and make for easy catheterization because of the attached urinary bag. They are ideal for patients who are wheel chair-bound or have limited mobility. The attached urinary bag rules out the hassle of attaching a bag to the catheter tubing for those who are always on the go.