Frequently Asked Questions on Ostomy Belts

What is an ostomy belt?

Ostomy belts are support devices developed to provide support to an ostomy system. These are worn around the body area where the stoma is located and made to fit securely over the stoma. The belt is comfortably snug but not too tight thus allowing free outflow of output into the pouch without obstructions.

Why are ostomy belts used?

An ostomy belt strengthens the connection between the skin barrier and the pouch. It keeps the pouch close to the abdomen so that there is no gap between the two and therefore, no leakage. Leakage from an ostomy system can lead to skin irritation and infection. An ostomy belt holds up the ostomy pouch as it fills up without exerting weight on the skin barrier and stoma. It also helps keep the pouch discreet under the clothing.

How does an ostomy belt help an ostomate live a normal life?

An ostomy belt offers the ostomate a sense of security in overactive situations. The support belt keeps the ostomy pouch hugging tight to the body especially during activities like exercise, laborious work and sports.