Frequently Asked Questions on Pediatric System

What are common pediatric ostomy supplies?

Ostomy supplies for children are designed to best fit young ones. Major pediatric ostomy supplies include Hollister Pouchkins and ConvaTec Little Ones. These ostomy supplies are smaller in size and designed for newborns, infants and young children. Material used is soft plastic and comfortable fabric to suit the sensitive skin of babies. The ostomy pouch design is developed to best fit the contours of a young one’s body.

How often should the pouching system for pediatrics be replaced?

Pediatric ostomy bag replacement largely depends on how long the skin barrier stays connected to the child’s skin. The pediatric pouch needs to be changed in the following situations:

  • Leakage
  • In case the body develops itching and skin burns

The wear time of a pediatric ostomy pouch may vary from 1-2 days, sometimes going up to three days. Pouch replacement will depend upon stoma output and activities of the child.

How to dress a child with an ostomy?

Choosing the right type of clothing is important for a child with an ostomy. Avoid clothes with a waistband because it can obstruct the pouch from getting filled. Some parents prefer putting the ostomy bag inside the diaper while others may leave it outside, depending on the activity of the wearer.

How to keep the skin and stoma of children clean?

The skin around the pediatric stoma can be cleaned with a soft cotton ball, washcloth or a moist paper towel. It is important to rinse the area thoroughly if using soap without oil or moisturizer. Baby wipes are not advised as they add moisture which can obstruct the pouch from sticking to the skin.

How can an ostomy impact the skin?
  • Leakage from the pouch can make the area around the skin red and weepy
  • Allergy to the skin barrier may result in skin burns, itch or sting
  • Moisture under the pouch can lead to skin infections