Frequently Asked Questions on Silver Dressings

Why use silver dressings?

Silver is utilized in dressings because of its antibacterial properties. It is very effective in healing infected wounds. Silver dressings are used in the treatment of burns and chronic wounds, particularly over wounds where the infection has set in leading to delayed healing. Silver counters the increase in issues of antibiotic resistance and acts as an effective agent for treating colonized and infected wounds.

When to use silver dressings?

Silver dressings are recommended:

  • When there is a need for reducing bio-burden within acute or chronic wounds that are infected.
  • For acute or chronic wounds at greater risk of infection or re-infection.
  • For surgical wounds, burns, wounds with exposed bone or wounds of patients with a weak immune system, poor circulation, neoplastic disease or unstable diabetes.
How do silver dressings work?

Silver dressings are potent antimicrobials. The active silver ions in the dressing kill microbes immediately by blocking the respiratory enzymes but remaining non-toxic to human tissues. Silver dressings reduce a wound’s bio-burden, treat local infection and prevent systematic spread. It inhibits the bacterial DNA procedure of replication and the molecular make-up of silver stops most bacteria from creating chemical bonds. Working at a molecular level, silver is able to stop several superbugs and bacterial strains.

What is silver foam dressing?

Silver foam dressing is a non-adhesive dressing with an antimicrobial barrier that uses advanced moist wound technology for healing with silver as the most crucial ingredient. The silver technology combines sustained antibacterial activity for preventing infection as well as providing a moist wound healing environment.