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Thermoplastic Splints 

A thermoplastic splint is used to support and immobilize fractures, injuries, and weakened body parts. They are made with pliable materials that are soft and moldable when heated so that they can easily fit the contours of the body. The splinting materials are commonly used in orthopedics and sports medicine for a variety of purposes, including the immobilization of fractures, sprains, strains, and other musculoskeletal injuries. They are also used in rehabilitation settings to provide support during the healing process or to help manage pain and swelling. They are typically lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, making them suitable for long-term use in various environments. There are 2 basic types of thermoplastic splinting materials –  

  1. Low-temperature thermoplastics: This material can be molded in hot water and placed on the skin. It is suitable for upper limb fractures.  
  2. High-temperature Thermoplastics: This material requires higher temperatures to mold and takes a longer time to harden. It is suitable for leg and back injuries that require splinting for a longer time span.  

At HPFY, you will find a wide range of thermoplastic sheets for splints that can be used for almost any kind of splinting application to produce a smooth undercast surface from top manufacturers like Performance Health, North Coast Medical, Orfit Industries, and many more. 

Benefits of thermoplastic splint material

How does a splinting material work?

These splints work by utilizing a thermoplastic material that becomes soft and pliable when heated and then hardens when cooled. The process of applying a splint material typically involves several steps:

  1. A suitable thermoplastic material is chosen based on the type and location of the injury, as well as the preferences of the healthcare professional and patient. Common materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester.
  2. The chosen splint material is heated using a heat source such as warm water or a heat gun until it reaches its softening temperature, which varies depending on the specific material used.
  3. Once the thermoplastic material is soft and pliable, it is molded to the injured body part by the healthcare professional. This is typically done by carefully wrapping the material around the affected area, conforming it to the contours of the body, and ensuring proper immobilization of the injured joint or bone.
  4. The moldable splint material is allowed to cool and harden. As it cools, the material solidifies and retains the shape it was molded into, providing stability and support to the injured area.
  5. Once the splint has fully hardened, any excess material may be trimmed and smoothed to ensure a comfortable fit for the patient. Velcro straps or other fasteners may also be added to secure the splint in place.

Where to buy thermoplastic sheets for splints online?

At HPFY, you will find Splinting thermoplastic sheets that are designed to be used for almost any splinting application and produce a smooth, undercast surface. We have splint thermoplastic sheets for finger splints, hand splints, and all upper extremity types of splints. They provide an intimate fit without much stretching and molding. Shop for splinting materials from top brands like Rolyan, Omega, Comfortprene, and many more at the best prices.  

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