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What are cast and splint?

The casts and splints are orthopedic devices used to protect and support the broken or injured joints and bones. They help keep the bone in place until it heals completely. The casts vary from splints as they facilitate the person with more support and protection for the broken or injured limb. Casts are manufactured from plaster or fiberglass material since they are easily molded in the shape of the broken limb.

Splints are also known as half-casts. They facilitate the patient with a lesser amount of support as compared to the fiberglass casts. However, these are quick and easy to use. Subsequently, you can tighten or loosen them as per your need or when you see the swelling in the limb. The quick-to-use splints are found in various shapes and sizes. They are also customized depending on the needs of the patient. Velcro straps make the process easier for the patient or healthcare provider to put on or take the splint off.

At HPFY, we provide the best quality leg casts from top brands like Brown Medical, Mabis DMI Healthcare, and Advanced Orthopaedics to name a few.

When to use cast and splint?

The Casts and splints are used on the broken limb. They are often used after surgery. Splints are sometimes used immediately after encountering swelling at the injured site. Once the swelling decreases, a leg cast is applied to the broken or damaged leg or arm. One may have to replace a cast amidst the recovering process or when the swelling around the injury goes away and the cast is loosened. In such a case, the cast may be replaced with a splint for better movement.

How to relieve pain after applying the medical cast and splint?

  • After applying the cast or splint, keep the injured arm or leg elevated for about 1 to 3 days. The damaged limb must be at a higher position than the heart to let the fluids drain.
  • Use a cold pack at the site of the injury. Prepare a cold pack by putting some ice in an ice pack or a plastic bag. Refrain from directly contacting the cast or splint.

How to care for your medical cast supplies?

  • Refrain putting pressure on the cast. When using a leg cast for walking, make sure the cast has completely hardened before you start walking again.
  • Keep your cast dry and clean. Try to use a hairdryer set on cool to dry the fiberglass cast in case it gets dampened. Consult the doctor if the cast does not dry after using a hairdryer or when the cast's skin gets wet.
  • Use a plastic cover to wrap the cast before bathing. The plastic cast covers with Velcro straps or rubber gaskets are easily available in the market. At HPFY, we have different cast covers. You can explore them and find one for you.
  • Avoid inserting objects into the cast. Do not use skin care products on the injured skin inside the cast.
  • Do not try to scratch itchy skin in the cast with a sharp object. It can cause skin infection at the injury site.
  • Consult the doctor in case you notice a strange or unpleasant smell comes from the casting supplies. Perspiration or moisture under the cast can lead to mold or mildew to increase. The skin can break down if it remains wet for a long duration.
  • Do not trim, file, or break off rough areas around the edge of a plaster cast. A metal file is used to smooth the rough edges of a fiberglass cast. Do not remove the cast yourself.

Different Types of Orthopedic Casting Products available at HPFY

Cast and Bandage Protectors

Durable cast and bandage protective covers aid in keeping the cast dry while bathing or showering. Their specially designed opening stretches to fit over the cast and then regains its original shape to fit tightly. They are reusable and latex free.

Casting Tapes

The fiberglass cast tape gives many great options for a customized experience without losing any of the quality features of a great cast tape. Strong and durable due to being made of synthetic fiberglass material, this cast tape won’t need to be replaced as often as a result of fewer breakdowns. Make it last even longer with cast protectors for when it is exposed to water. It remains comfortable and lightweight, allowing for better movement and use with its porous weave in order for the skin to breathe.

Undercast Padding

The hundred percent cotton undercast padding is constructed of cotton fibers for soft and natural cushioning. Ideal for use with either synthetic or plaster casting material. It minimizes dimensional changes that lead to movement of padding under cast. Conforms to all body contours.

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