Computer Access Aids

Computer access aids are assistive technology devices that are designed to make computer use easy for people with physical disabilities. People with disabilities face various challenges like inability of provide input (with key board, mouse or monitor) or comprehend output (for people with visual impairment). Adaptive software and hardware are designed for people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities. Special Screen reader programs are developed to allow disabled people to use a computer without use of standard input devise. Altered input devices such as special mouse and keyboards are available for people with limited controls. Typing aids are also available for people with lesser finger movements required for typing.

Common input modifications include:
  • Adapted keyboards
  • Alternative communication programs
  • On-screen keyboards
  • Voice recognition

Also alternative input devices are available that allow individuals to operate their computers by input means other than a keyboard or pointing device like
  • Sip-and-puff systems that are activated by body movements like inhaling and exhaling.
  • Joysticks that can be manipulated by hands, feet or chin, etc. These joysticks are used to control the cursor on the monitor.
  • Wands and sticks that can be worn over your head or pressed in the mouth to provide a keyboard input.
  • Touch screens are becoming popular day after day. These screens take input just by touching the screen without the requirement of inputs from a mouse or keyboard.

A wide range of other computer access aids are available for providing inputs to computers like BIGTrack Trackball or the Cirque Smart Cat Pro Touchpad for moving the cursor on screen. The Triple-Action Foot Switch For Contoured Keyboards help in providing input through contoured keyboards. HPFY brings to you a wide selection of computer access aids from top manufacturers like Ablenet, Kinesis , Infogrip and many more at attractive discounts on every purchase.
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