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Children are naturally curious and active which makes them most prone to getting injured while playing around the house. Needless to say, prohibiting them to play around is not the solution. Kids grow when they play and have fun, it is essential for your child to do some mischief and spend most of his time doing physical activities. Therefore, Health Products For You brings to you the best child safety products manufactured by Cardinal Health, KidKusion Inc., and many others.

Child Safety Products Available At HPFY

Health Products For You understands the importance of baby-proofing your house. Hence, we offer several different types of baby safety products for the home. These include -

  • Child Safety Locks - These safety locks help in keeping your little one safe while playing. You can use these child safety locks for front doors, patios, and cabinets. Using baby-proofing locks ensures that certain hazardous items, medicines, and anything harmful for kids is beyond their reach. You can use these locks on medicine cabinets so that your child cannot reach your discreet medical supplies.
  • Child Safety Gates – These are temporary gates placed in front of the staircase, or doorways so that the baby does not climb up the stairs or get out of the doors. These safety gates are easily installed and effectively restrict access to the child.
  • Corner Cushions – The chances of your child hitting on the sharp corners of the furniture are very high. Use corner cushions to soften the edges of the furniture. Many people use corner cushions to soften table and desk edges.
  • Hearth Guard Pad Lock – Hearth Guards ensure that your baby does not get harmed by the fireplace at any point. Hearth Paddings are manufactured by fire-resistant material that prevents the fireplace, stove, or pellets from catching fire or spark.
  • Headgear – Headgears are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable head protection. The headgear is for use during sports and other activities for children with balance problems, head/skull injuries, or seizure disorders. Hand washable (cold water) design prevents perspiration build-up and odors.

Where To Buy Child Safety Products?

Health Products For You has a huge variety of Child Safety Products designed and manufactured by several leading manufacturers such as Window Warden, Big John Products Inc., and Playmaker, etc. Check our collection today and Earn Reward $ on every purchase.

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