Furniture Raisers

Furniture Raisers are designed to increase the height of household furniture so that it gets easier for the users to get in and out of it. They raise beds, tables, chairs, etc. to make daily living activities easier and safer. Furniture raising blocks can also be used to tilt the bed by adding raisers only at one end. They make sitting and sleeping stress free for people with limited mobility and dexterity. Health Products For You offers different types of blocks to raise furniture like Standers Furniture Risers Set, Standers Recliner Risers Set, CareActive Memory Foam Seat Riser etc.

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How to use Furniture Raisers?

  • Furniture raisers depending on the type of table frame and legs are taken. 
  • Place the furniture raising blocks under the legs of the table. 
  • Add more raisers, if required, to adjust the table to the correct height for the user. 
  • Table with castors may need some extra parts to get the correct height.

Benefits of using Furniture Raisers

  • Increase bed height at intervals 
  • Fit most beds and armchairs 
  • Suitable for all types of frames and legs 
  • Easily match existing furniture 
  • Stable, comfortable and safe 
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean