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Health Benefits Of Cloves

Health Benefits Of Cloves


It thus soothes the senses and relives stress in the body. Mix cloves to make a flavored tea. Take this along with honey to provide you relief from stress. Not just the health benefits, but the skin benefits of cloves are equally amazing.

Morning Sickness

It is a good remedy for treating morning sickness. Take around ten grains of cloves, mix them with tamarind and palm sugar and make it into a nice mixture using water. Drink this solution twice a day as an effective treatment.


Clove provide relief from toothache and this is one the main reason why you will see them listed as an ingredient in 99% of toothpastes.


Common cold can be treated effectively by drinking a lukewarm mixture made with ten drops of clove oil and honey. Drink it twice or thrice a day.

Cough and Breath

Cough and bad breath can be cured by consuming cloves. These are very common problems that we all face and can very well treated by the consumption of cloves on a daily basis. You can do this by including them in your dishes and also as refreshments at any time of the day.

Seasoning Abilities

Its seasoning capabilities make it very easy to blend in many dishes, beverages and desserts. It helps to provide strong flavor and aroma to the food.