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Health Benefits Of Cloves

Health Benefits Of Cloves

Relieves Stress

Cloves are a great way to ease the senses and relieve stress in the body. Boil water and steep cloves to make a flavored tea. Add some honey and you have a warm, soothing drink which has health and skin benefits.

Combats Morning Sickness

A proven nausea fix, mix ten grains of cloves with tamarind. palm sugar and water. Drink twice a day.

Relieves Toothache

Check out the ingredients of your toothpaste, are cloves on that list? They provide topical relief from toothaches which is why you see them listed on most toothpastes.

Soothes Cough and cold

Drinking a lukewarm mixture made with ten drops of clove oil and honey 2 to 3 times a day will relieve your cold and cough.

Freshens Breath

Consuming cloves will add a sweet fragrance and take away bad breath.

Makes Things Yummy!

Cloves are super easy to blend in many dishes, beverages and desserts. They provide strong flavor and aroma to the food.