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Eye Care Tips For Summer

Eye Care Tips For Summer

Wear Sun

The sun shoots out rays of different lengths. The most damaging are the ultraviolet rays, which are classified as UVA and UVB. Too much ultraviolet can accelerate the formation of cataracts. The hat-sunglasses combo should also be worn at the beach, amusement parks, bike rides, boating, or anyplace where there is prolonged sun exposure. Don’t forget young ones – they need it too!

Eye Protection While Swimming

The cool water is quite inviting on a hot day, but do not forget to take care of your eyes from the chlorine in the pool. In this weather, the incidence of skin infection in swimming pool rises, thus it can lead to eye irritation. While swimming, consider using googles and afterwards, wash and rinse your eyes properly with fresh water to reduce the redness that is caused due to chlorine water.

Wear Eye Protection During Outdoor Activities

If you have ever had dust or sand in your eye, you know that chemical exposure is not the only environmental threat to your eyes. You should try to protect yourself, as much as practically possible, from contact with foreign bodies that can cause abrasions to your eye. Always look to prevention first, through the use of glasses or other personal protective equipment to shield your face and eyes from potential damage.

Eat Healthy and
Drink Plenty of

There are many foods rich in nutrients that improve your eyesight & help prevent the development of long-term vision problems. Adding a supplement or foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E & zinc can assist those with symptoms of age-related macular degeneration; they help slow or prevent the progression of symptoms. Drinking plenty of water each day can prevent & reverse many of the negative effects of dehydration, as well as providing fluid for normal eye function.

Use an Eye Pack

Do not just treat your skin and mane, but consider using a cooling eye pack once in a while. You can place two pieces of cucumber on your eyes before going off to bed or rather, just spray some rose water to keep your eyes fresh and cool.

Eye Drop Is a Must

It is not only your skin that dries out during summer, but also your eyes. Eye experts claim using lubricating drops will prevent your eyes from getting itchy.