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Dean C

"Ordering was fast and easy. I love the free shipping. i got delivery, always get deliver with in 2 or 3 days of placing my order. I'll be back to order again."

Diana S

"My mom had hip placement surgery a week ago...we got your website, and ordered from y'all and the product is great. Y'all were fast shipping, everything went well. I want to thanku all"

James Junior

"Saved money and time, it was a great experience. Very easy, fluid, and being shipped quickly. So, I got exactly what I needed and I’m very thankful."

Kristina Wolski

"I am very happy with the quality, and the cost, and the rapid delivery....thanks very much, I definitely recommend you!"

Tim Hewitt

"I would recommend Health Products For You company for anybody with incontinent needs. They have a quality product with fast, discreet shipping. You can't beat that!"

Monica D

"I can't be more happy with the fast delivery, the price was very very fair. And I really recommend this product....thank you so much!"

Jeffrey Kumjian

“Health Products For You is a very good company. I bought something...and they sent it within two to three days.”


“This is not overly positive – I would not use it and maybe not on You Tube either ”

Ellen Stewart

“Went online. The site was easy to use and everything arrived as expected, and on time.” 


“...buying from the company allows me to change as frequently as I want...” 

Rolando Robleto

“Thank you for the product. It was a really good delivery time, and I am very satisfied with it.”  

Peggy Roberts

“I was very happy with Health Products. They always come very promptly and in time for my needs. So, I am a very happy customer.”

Thomas Harper 

“I was struggling to find a site where I could buy a breathing tube for my brother. Thank you very much for your service. I appreciate it.” 

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Compared to other sites, This one was the most affordable.


Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful service. I made an error on your order recently and you took care of it and me in a kind and humane way. Those of us on a fixed income with no healthcare bill, treasure your kind of service and value. With thanks and best wishes.

Marion F
San Rafael, CA


Very professional company and helpful website. I have ordered products from you and they have arrived in perfect condition without problems and your prices are very good too!! I have told several friends about the company and will not hesitate placing future orders. I will be placing another order within the next several days. Keep up the good work!!!

Marcia M
Livonia, MI


I wanted to compliment y'll on your fast, accurate service. I'll definitely use y'll again!

Phyllis B
Spring, TX


Thank you for your excellent service. My son's Mic-Key button was accidentally pulled out at school. I had a replacement at home but needed to to order a new replacement for backup. I placed the order online at 1:50 PM on a week day and it was delivered to my door the very next day! It is wonderful to know that speedy and quality service is out there.

Lori B
Keyser, WV


Just received my Southwest Elasto-gel Crutch Pads. I have used them just briefly around the house but I can tell already that they are far superior to stock pads. Thank you so much for the excellent service! I am very impressed that you were able to drop ship them from a location near my home and I appreciate very much that you overnighted them. That was above and beyond the call. Thank You Very Much!

Dave W
Victorville, CA


I purchased the Luisa Luisa bathing suit bra. I ordered 2 on Monday and received them today, Thursday. Very happy with the fit. I wear a 42D bra and ordered the 1X 2X. It fits excellent and my prothesis fits perfect in it. I plan to wear it as a bathing suit top. Thank you for selling this, I am so pleased.

HPFY Customer
Alpine, CA


Praise for fast shipping and good pricing. My item came so quickly - I was very pleased. Thank you for your service

Pamela L
San Pedro, CA



I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful source of my medical supplies! One of the items I use quite a bit, but find you don't have, is Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover # 7731. You will find that this is quite a handy product. First, I reinforce my urostomy pouches' adhesive sides with Hollister Medical Adhesive spray. This helps them last a lot longer without any leaks. Once I finish putting them on, I find my hands and fingers are quite sticky from the spray. I spray a few squirts of Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover on my hands and wipe them with a towel. This removes all of the stickiness. (Hey, I'm a paraplegic and I don't want to get my hands permanently attached to my rims).

 Secondly, it is dangerous to remove an Ostomy pouch too soon. Simply pulling on it without using a Medical Adhesive Remover will damage the delicate tissues surrounding the Stoma area and the general area of the epidermis underneath the Urostomy. If I should have the occasional pouch pop and need to change my Ostomy on the same day I put it on: I find a squirt or two of Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover on the upper edge of the mounting flange will loosen it quite well. This allows a SAFE removal of the ostomy pouch without any ripping or tearing of the delicate tissues near the Stoma. I think Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover # 7731 would be an excellent addition to your inventory.


James C
York, SC


Thanks for your prompt replies. I have indeed ordered the alternative product and am actually pleased that it is smaller. The wound we are treating is located on a toe, so the smaller the better. Thanks again. So glad to have found your company. We have been pleased with your prompt service.

Marie K
Clifton, VA

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