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Dean C

"Ordering was fast and easy. I love the free shipping. i got delivery, always get deliver with in 2 or 3 days of placing my order. I'll be back to order again."

Diana S

"My mom had hip placement surgery a week ago...we got your website, and ordered from y'all and the product is great. Y'all were fast shipping, everything went well. I want to thanku all"

James Junior

"Saved money and time, it was a great experience. Very easy, fluid, and being shipped quickly. So, I got exactly what I needed and I’m very thankful."

Kristina Wolski

"I am very happy with the quality, and the cost, and the rapid delivery....thanks very much, I definitely recommend you!"

Tim Hewitt

"I would recommend Health Products For You company for anybody with incontinent needs. They have a quality product with fast, discreet shipping. You can't beat that!"

Monica D

"I can't be more happy with the fast delivery, the price was very very fair. And I really recommend this product....thank you so much!"

Jeffrey Kumjian

“Health Products For You is a very good company. I bought something...and they sent it within two to three days.”


“This is not overly positive – I would not use it and maybe not on You Tube either ”

Ellen Stewart

“Went online. The site was easy to use and everything arrived as expected, and on time.” 


“...buying from the company allows me to change as frequently as I want...” 

Rolando Robleto

“Thank you for the product. It was a really good delivery time, and I am very satisfied with it.”  

Peggy Roberts

“I was very happy with Health Products. They always come very promptly and in time for my needs. So, I am a very happy customer.”

Thomas Harper 

“I was struggling to find a site where I could buy a breathing tube for my brother. Thank you very much for your service. I appreciate it.” 

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Hello, I received my order this morning and almost fainted. I was so shocked at the swiftness of the delivery. You must e a guarduan angle and known how much I needed these dressings. I have shopped with you before ut elieve me I will shop again. Thank you for making my day so happy and my life so much easier. You are wonderful and the price was super!! Thanks again.

Dolores L
South Carolina


I am a customer and I forgot to get the name of my representative. Maybe you can search my account by my name so you can give the credit to this nice person. They were very helpful with my order, polite and kind. This makes a difference in our rushed world. Thanks!

C Connelly


I want to thank you for the way you took care of my orders. I was buying Amerigel for my 90 year father. He had a wound that was so slow to heal. We lost dad in March but he was very grateful to have been able to get your product at a discount compared to where he got it at home. Thanks again.

David R


Dear Health Products for you, I surely do appreciate how quickly my order arrived - from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning - impressive. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate a good company when I see one!

Brian S


Hi - we are a very small health care facility, but we've had some trouble ordering an item here and there online, until I tried your company. We're very happy to have found HPFY! We are thrilled with the product and the service! We ordered some dressing materials from another internet site 3 weeks ago and it took 10 days to get what we needed. I called every day for the first 5 and they said "it will ship today." BUT when I ordered from you guys, we got our item THE NEXT DAY!!! And we didn't pay for expedited shipping! Also, their customer service people answering the phone were rude and indifferent to my problem. YOUR customer service on the phone was WONDERFUL very informative and helpful.

Christine D
Dallas, TX


What a wonderful site this is to order from! I was just amazed how easy it was to order and how fast the order was received. It only took 2 days from CT to CA and most of the order was here. Great prices and no looking from store to store locally to find something that doesn't seem to exist. This is the only way to shop - no shipping (if over $39), no tax, no driving from store to store. I will definitely be using this site again.

Sharon M.
Arroyo Grande, CA


Dear healthproducts4u,

I ordered this item from you on Tuesday the 19th. I asked that you send them to my Dad, in Florida, who underwent a nephrostomy in February and was struggling to find decent leg bags since he needed to wear two at a time, one for each kidney tube.
I had told him to expect them between the 26th of September and 2nd of October according to your listing.
He just came home from the doctors today and UPS delivered the bags to him a few minutes later.
He just called me to thank me and ask who my 'connections' are since he cant even get the VA to move that fast. He was very grateful and so am I.
I want to compliment you on your super fast delivery. It is a rarity in todays age that companies show this much care and concern for their customers and I didnt want it to go unmentioned.

Thank you again. You are 5 stars in my book and I will definitely do business with you again when he is ready for more.

Roberta K
Boca Raton, FL

Vicair Technology Vector Cushion with Comfort-Tek Cover - This is an awesome cushion! i got a really bad stage 4 pressure sore while sitting on a cushion that cost over $900 I had this vicair cushion recommended to me by my OT and was sceptical it would help since the price was only a couple hundred dollars on sale, but at such a low price i thought it's worth the try, And it's been awesome, it's very customizable so I was able to adjust it perfectly to deal with the awkward positioned pressure sore i have, and it's been working wonderfully, I haven't had any issues with it and my sore is healing well while sitting on the vicair, I highly recommend trying this product and saving yourself several hundred dollars you can use to pay for other medical supplies! I LOVE HPFY their prices are so low and reasonable, before i found out about HPFY i was spending 3-4 times the amount of money on my supplies and getting less for my money, since I started shopping with HPFY I've saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and my orders always come within a reasonable time and the customer service has been top notch! I'll be doing all my shopping with HPFY from now on!

Duane P
King Road, CA
ROHO AIRHAWK Truck Seat Cushion System With Cover : My man is a truck driver. When he wad wandering around the chrome shop, he found this seat cushion and was NOT going to pay $110 for a seat cushion, but was interested enough to research it online. After reading reviews on many sites, he found hpfy had the best price with FREE SHIPPING! I was intrigued enough to order one 2 days later, before he even got his. My butt don't hurt and it seems to help my sciatica (I'm a truck driver, too) I decided my truck-driving Daddy needs one, too, so he's getting one for father's day. When mentioned to my truck-driving brother, he said "what about me..." Sshhh, don't tell, he's getting one too! With the free shipping and coupon offers, HPFY is the BEST place to get it (or them!)

Monterey, TN
Bard Urine Drainage Bag With Anti-Reflux Device - Bought other products and was extremely satisfied with service and quality. Delivery was a WOW! Thank you for the prices now I don't go to A product pharmacy. Too expensive..thank you

John Poremba
Murrells Inlet, SC

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