3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products
3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products

3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products

Brand/Manufacturer: 3M

3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products are designed to protect against the skin damage caused by splints, casts and prostheses. They can also be used as a padding for beds and chairs.

Reston Foam Dressing Key Points:

  • Self-adhering open cell foam dressing
  • Lightweight and conformable padding
  • Can be cut, layered and shaped
  • Adapted for many applications
  • Available in foam pad and roll style

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
1563L Light Support, Foam Roll Each $0.23
1563L Light Support, Foam Roll 5/Pack $1.37
1560M Medium Support, Foam Pad 10/Pack $0.51
1560M Medium Support, Foam Pad 10/Pack, 5Pk/Case $2.35
1561H High Support, Foam Pad 5/Pack $0.30
1561H High Support, Foam Pad 5/Pack, 5Pk/Case $1.43

3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products Features

  • Come in light, medium and high support to meet a variety of user needs
  • Light support comes in Reston foam roll, while the other two are available in Reston foam pad
  • Consist of a porous polyurethane foam coated with hypoallergenic, acrylate adhesive
  • Can be used as padding for chairs, beds and operating room tables
  • Come covered with a protective, easy to remove, silicone coated paper release liner
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces
  • Reston Foam Dressing protects against pressure, abrasions and shearing
  • Evenly distributes body weight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • Note:
    - Not intended to be used as a pressure reducing device

How to use 3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Pad?

  • Open the package and remove the 3M foam dressing.
  • Peel the paper liner from the 3M adhesive foam pad, exposing the adhesive.
  • Position the pad over the body area (or device) to be covered with the adhesive side towards that area.
  • With the pad in a relaxed form, gently apply the pad to the desired area.
  • Gently smooth the Reston dressing from the center towards the edges to prevent tension.

  • 3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products have not been evaluated for use as a compression dressing material in surgical procedures such as liposuction.
  • The product should not be applied to the skin under tension. Such uses can result in damage to the skin such as blistering or tearing which may lead to hypopigmentation and the risk of serious infection.
  • It should not be placed in direct contact with an open wound.

Storage and Shelf Life:
  • For best results, store 3M adhesive foam pads and rolls at normal room temperature, 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C) and out of direct UV light.
  • For shelf life, refer to the expiration date which is printed on the package.

  • 3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products are not to be used as dressing in post-surgical treatment procedures such as liposuction.

Reston Foam Dressing Specifications

Item CodesSupportDimensionsThickness
1563LLight Support4" x 196" (10cm x 5m)3/16"
1560MMedium Support7-7/8" x 11-3/4" (20cm x 29.8cm)7/16"
1561HHigh Support7-7/8" x 11-3/4" (20cm x 29.8cm)15/16"

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
I have 2 toes on right foot.  I use a piece of foam plus a gauze pad to pad the bone on the bottom of my foot to relieve the pain from the 4&5 metartarsal bone.  I have orthotics and special shoes.  Will your product  be OK to use?
Sandy - 1/8/2017 1:35:07 PM
answer image
3M Reston Self-Adhering Foam Products can be used to protect against skin damage from splints, casts, and prostheses.
Customer Care - 10/13/2017 1:42:01 AM
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