Frequently Asked Questions on Bathroom/Shower Wheelchairs

How to choose a bathroom wheelchair?

While choosing a bathroom wheelchair you must consider: The purpose: It should be known in advance weather the chair is intended for use in the shower or the lavatory. Some models come with a combined facility of a shower and a toileting system. The Doorway: A shower/commode chair must be wide enough to pass through the gateways of your house or the care facility. For home use or while travelling: you must consider whether the shower chair is for indoor use or for use while travelling. Travel shower chairs fold for convenience.

Benefits of a shower chair?

Shower chairs provide inexpensive solution to the problem of fall-related injuries at home. Bathrooms high-risk zones for people with limited balance. The use of a shower chair drastically reduces the risk of falling while in the shower. Shower chairs come in a variety of sizes, styles, and formats to cater to the unique needs of patients and carers. Bath chairs have a sturdy, safe surface upon the user can rest while bathing.

What are shower-commode chairs?

Bathing can be difficult for those with limited strength and ability like elderly and disabled people or patients. Shower chairs prove to be effective for those who experience difficulty keeping their balance while in the shower or bathtub. Shower wheelchairs possess adjustable leg rests and backrests, for comfortable accommodation of users height and to support their backs. They are designed with rubber tips to avoid the chair from slipping while in a wet tub. Shower chairs have porous surfaces (particularly on the seat) to prevent standing water build-up during the bathing process.

What is the weight capacity of bathroom chairs?

Weight capacity of a shower chair ranges from 250 lbs. to 400 lbs.

What materials are shower chairs made of?

Shower chairs are mostly designed keeping in mind the usage of these chairs. Materials used must be rust proof as they are used in the shower with water running most of the times. For this reason they are made of sturdy plastic or aluminum.