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A common treatment used for lymphedema and edema in upper limb is compression therapy. In cases of mild to moderate lymphedema your healthcare specialist might suggest compression garments to ensure proper circulation. Compression sleeves and gauntlets and gloves apply just the required amount of pressure to keep the lymph moving in the right direction. Ready to wear compression gloves and  garments helps in maintaining limb size in patients with lymphedema. These garments help in patient management post trauma, surgery or radiation therapy and are made up of comfortable and resistant fabrics that provide true compression, comfort and compliance. Buy compression garments for lymphedema control at effective prices on HPFY!

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Compression Garments

  • Always consult a therapist before buying lymphedema garments. 

  • Only use sleeves or garments that are properly fitted by an experienced healthcare professional. Improper fitting garments can make your situation worse by applying too much or too little pressure. 

  • Buy two garments at a time. One that you wear and one for washing. Lymphedema garments last for 3-6 months depending upon their usage. They may lose their stretch over time. 

  • While buying a lymphedema sleeve, consider asking your therapist about a glove or a gauntlet too. These may be recommended as a precautionary measure to see how your hands react to the compression sleeve or necessary if u have or ever had symptoms like heaviness, tingling, or swelling in hands. 

  • Avoid using hand creams or moisturizers before putting your hand sleeve on as ingredients in these creams can break down the fibers over time.         

Compression sleeves and gauntlets however are not alone enough to control lymphedema but they can be used along with other treatments to combat the disease. Lymphedema sleeves are made in a special design such that they provide more compression at the bottom then the top. This creates gradient pressure that keeps the lymph from moving out of the arm.  

Buy compression garments like the LympheDivas Serenity Compression Glove, Norco Compression Gloves, BSN Jobst Medicalwear 20-30 mmHg Compression Armsleeve or Bio-form Closed Tip Pressure Glove and many more for reducing swelling and proper circulation in the hand from top brands like Juzo, Jobst, Norco, Rolyan etc. at attractive discounts on HPFY!