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ROHO is the world-renowned leader in skin protection and positioning product solutions, and there are currently over one million cushions in use in over 70 countries. For more than 45 years, ROHO has dedicated its efforts to the research, engineering, and manufacturing of air-cell-based cushions with a patented design called DRY FLOATATION technology. The ROHO group manufactures cushions that can be used in both medical equipment and commercial seating applications. The company's core technology is its dry flotation system, originally used in cushions as a way to prevent bedsores and since adapted for use in seats for aircraft, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and office chairs. It mimics the properties of water and ensures an individual’s body is immersed and enveloped to give outstanding pressure distribution.

We at HPFY Stores offer a huge range of spirit and compartment cushions, overlay and mattress systems along with back contour systems to meet your exercise and mobility needs.