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What are my options for Swimsuit Season?

Posted on May 29, 2020 by Christina Cumberton

This is a question that many women ask post lumpectomy or mastectomy. Just when you find a nice breast form that makes your favorite shirt fit perfect again comes the onset of bathing suit season. See the best swimsuit and breast foam at HPFY to look your best on the beach.

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Symptoms & Causes of Breast Cancer

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 by Ayush Henry

Breast cancer begins when cells present in the breast begins to grow exponentially. These out of control cells can usually be felt as a lump (tumor) that can be confirmed by an x-ray report.

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Cancer Awareness…Every Month!!

Posted on Nov 19, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

The key to defeating breast cancer or any other cancer is early detection.

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