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Caring for patients involves a range of products that are needed by them at all times. Patient care is not only about healing… it is about supporting the patient with the right product towards a comfortable recovery process. We offer a whole range of items developed for all-round patient welfare. They include hospital beds, mattresses, diagnostics, diabetic supplies, nutritional supplements, surgical aids, chemotherapy aids, patient transfer aids, etc. Hospital beds provide comfortable sleep and protect users from entrapment and falls. Different types of mattresses, like alternating pressure mattress, water/gel mattress, combination therapy mattress and low-air-loss mattress, come with the unique features to meet specific user requirements. Nutritional supplies ranging from vitamin supplements to health drinks and food thickeners provide solutions to a wide range of nutrition problems. These patient care products are designed to provide comprehensive attention to patients at home.

Choose from the vast selection of the best patient care products available. They are designed to improve the quality of a patient’s life and ensure comfort and increased independence. Our patient care supplies are high quality and from trusted manufacturers like Medline Industries, Clinton Industries, Abbott, Armedica, Drive Medical, etc. There is no compromise on their quality and efficiency.

Home Care and Hospital Beds

Our supply of patient care products are designed to provide convenience to both the patient and caregiver. The home care and hospital beds section has beds that are very comfortable and at the same time safe. The patient is protected from entrapment between head and footboard with safety side rails, which are also simple for the caregiver to manage and can easily be lowered by pushing in the snap buttons. Our range of SleepSafe beds provides an esthetically pleasing solution to people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities who need a combination of healthy sleep in a safe and comfortable environment. Add some luxury to your purchase with our collection of luxury adjustable beds.


A crucial element for patient care is the mattress the patient may use for a short time, for long periods or maybe even permanently. Mattress plays an important role in maintaining comfort and offering rehabilitation. Selection of the mattress will depend on the patient’s condition. If he/she has a sensitive, fragile skin or is at risk of pressure ulcers then the mattress to buy would be water/gel mattress, alternating pressure mattress, low-air-loss mattress or combination therapy mattress. Our range is wide and also includes innerspring mattress, lateral rotation mattress and air mattress. Our high-quality foam mattress provides therapeutic comfort at a low cost. All our beds aid in prevention of health problems that are as a result of the wrong sleeping posture. They are skin-friendly and comfortable. Top brands in mattresses like Protekt, PressureGuard, Geo-Mattress, MicroAir, Advantage, Odyssey, Geo-Matt and more are available.


We also carry supplies to take care of the diagnostic needs of the patient. From exam room supplies, thermometers, otoscope/ophthalmoscope and weighing scales to alcohol detector/breathalyzer, stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors…our collection is comprehensive.


Those suffering from diabetes and needing regular monitoring can check out our diabetes section with its glucose monitors, control solutions, lancets and lancing devices, test strips, diabetes foot care items plus insulin pump supplies.


Check out the special nutritional supplies for patients ranging from vitamin supplements to food thickeners and health drinks. We carry pediatric dietary solutions like vitamin supplements, pediatric nutrition, health drinks, speciality nutrition, products for weight management and diabetic formula.

Enteral Feeding

For your enteral feeding needs we have enteral pumps and enteral Mickey Feeding Tubes along with enteral nutrition products from Abbott, Nestle Nutrition, Medical Nutrition USA, Kate Farms, Real Food Blends, etc. There are several types of dietary food items which are high in nitrogen. Also find drinks for metabolic stress, abnormal glucose tolerance and calorie- and protein- dense nutritional drinks.

Surgical Aids

Surgical aids like surgical gloves, syringes, surgical masks and surgical instruments can be found from top makers like Medline, Conmed, Covidien/Medtronic, Clinton Industries, Span America, etc. Skin preps needed in the pre-operative phase, like iodine spray/solutions, surgical scrubs, shave prep razors and sanitizers, are also available.

Chemotherapy Aids

We also carry aids for chemotherapy such as protective gowns, sterile nitrile gloves, chemo waste collection bags, protective eyewear, etc. Other general patient care supplies are available, including patient gown/apparels, medicine cups, clothing protector, disposable washcloths, patient bed assist handles, patient bathing/cleansing wipes and body wash, etc. Stretcher cushions offer redistribution and comfort while water-base pillows reduce neck pain and improve sleep. Also available are disposable/reusable patient pillows, regulating sheets, thermal blankets and more.


Providing quality healthcare at home or other facilities is a breeze with specially designed furniture which assists caregivers or nursing staff in dispensing all-round treatment. We have a range of medical furniture, such as medial hampers, medical stools, medical tables, medical cabinets and medical chairs. Our selection of medical carts includes anesthesia carts, emergency carts, hydration carts, etc.

Patient Transfer Aids

We also have patient transfer assistive devices which facilitate the smooth transfer of patients in and out of bed and car as well as to and from a wheelchair and commode. There are gaits or transfer belts as well as the evacuation and floor recovery products like emergency patient evacuation chairs, patient transfer chairs and elevating lift.

Patient Positioners

Check out our patient positioners created to provide relief to the neck, head, torso through correct positioning. They are ergonomically designed to give your body the support it needs by bringing down risks of strains on the lower back, knees and ankles. We have foam wedge pillows, leg rests, roll pillows, cervical support pillows and leg positioning supports.

Patient Safety

For patient safety we carry all types of items to protect the patient from fall. We have fall restraints like jackets/vests, restraint belts and limb holders. We also carry fall protection mats and floor cushions, non-skid slippers and fall protection garments. Our fall prevention alarms include bed sensors, seatbelt with alarm, fall monitors, alarm with nurse call, etc. There are also products for head and face protection.

IV infusion

IV sponges, IV administration, infusion stands, etc, make up the devices needed for IV infusion. We have vascular access devices, IV start kits/dressing kits, waste collection devices and much more.

Infection Control

Keep patient infection under control with our face masks, disinfectants/cleaners, bed bug sprays, germicidal, hand hygiene products, protective garments as well as spill protection/kits. Keep the environment free of germs and other contaminants with our range of hospital supplies with room deodorizers, safety gloves, privacy screens and curtains, sharps containers and more.

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