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What is Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can affect both men and women and may be short-lived or life-long. There are four basic types - stress, urge, overflow, total incontinence.

Incontinence Guide

Incontinence Care: Some Do’s and Don’ts

As we age the issue of incontinence becomes more prominent. Whether it’s a little leak when you cough or giggle an awkward social situation can rear its ugly head.

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Enteral Feeding Tubes

Home Enteral Nutrition: What Is It & How Does It Help You

Home enteral nutrition is also known as tube feeding within the comfort of your own home. It helps provide nutrition to a person who is unable to eat or drink in a conventional way. READ More.


10 Chronic Health Conditions That Can Develop as We Age

Aging can be accompanied by chronic health conditions. What are common chronic health conditions? Can I prevent them? We can give you information that is important. READ MORE


5 Over-the-Counter Acid Reflux Medicine to Calm Your Upset Stomach

Heart burn can dull your spirits and cause severe discomfort. Find 5 best over-the-counter acid reflux medicines to calm your upset stomach. READ MORE.

Vitamin Supplements

8 Health Dangers of Low Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is important for our body, & deficiency can lead to various health issues. Here are 8 dangers of low vitamin D levels you must know about.


Managing 5 Common Signs & Symptoms Perimenopause

As women approach menopause they can encounter the signs and symptoms of perimenopause. What exactly is perimenopause? How do I manage this? We can give you valuable information. READ MORE


Hemorrhoid Cream 101- Uses, Benefits, and Product Suggestions

Hemorrhoid creams may seem unnecessary, but given the prevalence of hemorrhoids, having these creams handy can help. READ MORE.


7 Product for At-Home Whiplash Treatment

Clinical treatment for whiplash is great but for better results at home treatment may be required. How do I treat whiplash at home? What will I need? We can give you some information. READ MORE

Diapers and Briefs

How To Change An Adult Diaper

Whether you are a certified caregiver or caring for a family member, understanding how to change an adult diaper is of utmost importance. To understand the diaper-changing process and find answers to your questions about caring for an adult with incontinence READ MORE.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Care - Hot Tub Safety

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then you know that even some things that are considered healthy are not exactly good for you. Hot tubs are not one of those things and can have some incredible benefits for diabetics. But there are some things to remember while using hot tub therapy for diabetes management. READ MORE.

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