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7 Best Ankle Weights to Boost Your Workout

7 Best Ankle Weights to Boost Your Workout
Linda Guerrera

Increase the intensity of your workout and get better results with ankle and wrist weights. These fitness accessories add resistance and increase the intensity of exercises, such as walking, running, aerobics, and strength training.   

Ankle and wrist weights come in different forms and are designed to make your routine more challenging and increase the difficulty to get more effective results. They are used to burn more calories during workouts and to engage specific muscles more effectively.   

If you want to add variety or work through a plateau, adding ankle and wrist weights could add just the right touch to get you to your exercise goals. They are versatile enough to use them while walking, running, jogging, leg lifts, leg raises, side leg lifts, arm curls, and more.   

The 7 Best Ankle Weights to Boost Your Workout  

So many options are available, so how do you find the best ankle weights to boost your workout? We've put together a list of seven best:  

1. Cuff Wrist And Ankle Weights

Double stitching makes these weights durable and secure. They offer a snug yet comfortable fit around your ankle, wrist, or thigh and are one of the best ankle weights for walking, running, and other exercises. The long closure strap ensures they stay in place even during strenuous routines. Each weight is color-coded and marked with pounds and kilograms. They are designed with grommets to hang out of sight easily.   

Cuff Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights Features and Benefits:  

  • Color-coded weights  
  • Marked with both pounds and kilograms  
  • Snugly fits the ankle, wrist, and even thigh  
  • Double-stitched, durable, heavy-duty material   
  • Grommets make them easy to hang up for storage  

Cuff Wrist And Ankle Weights


2. The Cuff Deluxe Ankle and Wrist Weight

These wearable weights are designed just like the original, but this deluxe version has a few extra features like an extra-long loop strap to use on the thigh or larger areas. The heavy-duty fabric and double stitching provide a secure and comfortable fit, and they've added more hook tabs for more fastening points and to keep straps out of the way while exercising.   

The Cuff Deluxe Ankle and Wrist Weight Features and Benefits:  

  • Double-stitched  
  • Extra-long loop strap  
  • Additional hook tabs  
  • Color-coded weight levels   
  • Easy to put on and take off   
  • Adds resistance to movement  
  • Available in a variety of weights  
  • Available from 1/4 to 25 pounds  
  • Made with heavy-duty materials  
  • Marked with pounds and kilograms  
  • Grommeted for hanging on any rack  
  • Contours to snugly fit the ankle, wrist, and thigh  

The Cuff Deluxe Ankle And Wrist Weight


3. CanDo The Cuff Adjustable Ankle Weight

If you're looking for the best ankle weights for walking, look no further! These weights contour easily to your ankle with weight inserts that spread uniformly through the ten pockets. Color-coded for easy identification, these weights are easy to use, put on, and take off.   

CanDo The Cuff Adjustable Ankle Weight Features and Benefits:  

  • Durable  
  • Color-coded  
  • Available in 3 weights  
  • Adjustable to fit most ankles  

The The Cuff Adjustable Ankle Weight


4. Hausmann Hugger Gold-Line Wrist And Ankle Weights

Tone up and increase your strength and endurance with these color-coded weights. Each is designed with an extra-long 17-inch strap with hook and loop closure, which allows you to double strap weight and keep it securely in place. The heavy-duty material and stitching provide durability for years of use. Available in a variety of weights for customized workouts. Each weight over 6 pounds has two straps for extra security.   

Hugger Wrist and Ankle Weights Features and Benefits:  

  • Heavy-duty stitching  
  • Made of durable vinyl  
  • Ideal for strength training  
  • Extra-large brass hanging grommet  
  • Color-coded and imprinted with weight  
  • Filled with smooth steel pellets for comfort  
  • 17-inch strap with hook and loop fasteners  

The Hausmann Hugger Gold-Line Wrist And Ankle Weights


5. Sammons Preston Ankle/Wrist Weights

Add resistance to almost any exercise and build strength safely and effectively. With a secure, comfortable fit, these weights attach easily to wrists or ankles. Color-coded for easy identification of weights. Customize your workout and get the results you have been longing for.   

Sammons Preston Ankle/Wrist Weights Features and Benefits: 

  • Strengthens legs  
  • Improves core strength  
  • Allows freedom of movement  
  • Tones biceps, triceps, and shoulders  

The Sammons Preston Ankle/Wrist Weights


6. TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets

This weight set wraps all of the toning and strength training you're looking for in a powerful little package for a great at-home workout. The reflective strap provides safety at night, and the superior stitching offers durability for years of use. Comes in a set of two.  

TheraBand Comfort Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets Features and Benefits:  

  • Sleek neoprene exterior  
  • Adjustable strap  
  • Non-abrasive terrycloth material absorbs moisture  
  • Adjustable for a customized fit  
  • Reflective trim provides added safety   

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle and Wrist Weight Sets


7. Body Sport Wrist And Ankle Cuff Weights

Comfortable and easy to use, what more could you ask for in an ankle weight? These weights are made with a durable black vinyl material for years of use. They are secure with a strong hook and loop closure for endless versatility. Add resistance to your workout and get the results you have been waiting for.   

Body Sport Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Features and Benefits:  

  • Easy to use   
  • Comfortable  
  • Made with durable black vinyl  
  • Hook and loop closure for security  
  • Adds resistance to almost any workout  

Body Sport Wrist And Ankle Cuff Weights


Where to Buy Ankle and Wrist Weights  

HPFY carries the seven best ankle weights to boost your workout on our website. We have many types of exercise tools to help you get in the best shape of your life.   

Ankle and wrist weights can be useful tools to enhance your workouts and make them more challenging. However, it is important to use them correctly. Talk to a fitness pro if you need more clarification about incorporating them into your exercise routine. 


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