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Daily Living Aids for the Elderly

Posted on Sep 09, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

It’s incredibly easy when you’re younger to take for granted the minutia of everyday life. As we get older, many of the things that came easy now become more difficult. Everything from walking to just going to the bathroom can become a major task as we age. Even ego and vanity can lead to our older relatives or friends possibly creating a dangerous environment for everyday life.

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Technology for the Vision Impaired

Posted on Jul 26, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

We live now in an era of rapidly advancing technology. Just a few decades ago a computer in your home would be a pipe dream. Now we have smart phones that have more computing power than some of the early space missions. As we age, the ability to see some of the smaller print on this technology can diminish.

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Helping Your Vision

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

With age comes wisdom, but it can also come with vision impairment. We may not have the eagle eyes we had when we were teenagers. Everyday tasks like reading the newspaper or an owner’s manual can become difficult when everything is blurry.

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