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How to Treat Frozen Shoulder?

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 by Hunaid Germanwala

Frozen shoulder is more likely to occur in people who have diabetes or had prolonged immobility or reduced mobility of the shoulder for a long period, such as after surgery, stroke or an arm injury.

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Dealing with Shoulder Pain

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

Our shoulders are one of the most complex joints in our body. It’s where the humorous bone meets the scapula in a ball and socket joint. Also included in the shoulder area is the rotator cuff, your clavicle bone (collarbone), and the bursa sac which has fluid to cushion and protect the tendons in your rotator cuff.

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Supporting the Shoulder

Posted on Jun 03, 2016 by Taikhum Sadiq

The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the body. It is made up of three bones, the upper arm, the shoulder blade, and the collar bone. It helps in lifting the arm, rotating it, and providing force. It can be rotated in a 360 degree radius vertically as well as horizontally. It is strong as well as flexible and can withstand a good amount of force and strain.

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