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Need for Oxygen Therapy in Patients with Pneumonia

Posted on Apr 02, 2018 by Kevin Cleary

Do you like breathing? Of course you do!! Since breathing is important to us, anytime we develop an issue with our lungs our quality of life, not to mention our well-being, can be in danger. One of the more dangerous issues that can be contracted is pneumonia.

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Respironics Simply Go POC - Simply Goes with You…Anytime…Anywhere

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 by Ayush Henry

SimplyGo is the only POC to offer both continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single device weighing only 10 pounds.

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Oxygen Refill Systems - All You Need to Know

Posted on Sep 01, 2016 by Ayush Henry

Homefill oxygen devices or oxygen transfill systems are popularly known as Oxygen Refill Systems. They are portable oxygen refill devices to be used at home for filling up empty oxygen tanks. By using oxygen concentrator technology, the concentrated oxygen is extracted from room air to refill machines. This gives the unlimited refill of oxygen.

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