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Knee Scooter vs. iWalk 2.0: Know the Difference Before Buying

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Choosing the proper medical aid after an injury can truly help with your mobility during your rehabilitation. You should always choose one that is appropriate for your level of mobility so you can move around safely. For those recovering from a lower leg injury, We here at HPFY can help you make the proper decision before selecting your medical aid.

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Accessorize Your Walker or Rollator

Posted on Jul 09, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

To properly use a walker or rollator you must always use two hands securely. It’s a lot like driving your car; the best way to do it is with two hands. As you can imagine this makes carrying any belongings problematic at best. How do you take your favorite magazine or maybe an umbrella?

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Rollator or Walker: Similar but Different

Posted on Jul 07, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

As we age we sometimes require a little help to maintain our stability and mobility. The last thing we want for ourselves or our loved ones is to fall and sustain an injury occur to ourselves or a loved one. How do you choose the piece of equipment that is right for you or your loved one? Rollators and walkers can seem like the same piece of equipment, but actually there are subtle differences.

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Let’s Keep Our Grandparents Safe

Posted on Jan 07, 2016 by Kevin Cleary

As we age we are not as agile or nimble as we used to be when we were teenagers. All it takes is one wrong step or slip and grandma may end up in the hospital. Preventing and avoiding falls (both inside and out) will give everyone a happy holiday season!!

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