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Comparing Reusable Vs. Disposable Medical Supplies

Comparing Reusable Vs. Disposable Medical Supplies
Linda Guerrera

There are a few things to consider when deciding between reusable and disposable medical supplies. If you have been considering which is best for you, you realize it can be difficult. In this article, we will discuss the different factors to think about in order to make the best decision for your specific needs.  

The Pros and Cons of Reusable and Disposable Medical Supplies  

Reusable and disposable medical supplies each bring different things to the table, which is why it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each type. While it is easy to think that the first thing to consider is price, other factors such as convenience, reducing the spread of infection, and the impact on our environment are important things to think about. Looking at the different aspects of reusable and disposable medical supplies will help you make a more informed choice based on your particular needs.  

Reusable Medical Supplies  

Medical supplies that can be used multiple times for various procedures are classified as reusable. Examples of reusable medical supplies include surgical instruments, stainless steel containers, and some types of patient monitoring equipment like stethoscopes and thermometers. Reusable supplies may be more suitable where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are priorities.  

  • Price: You will most likely pay more for reusable medical supplies. However, while the initial cost may be higher, reusable supplies can be more cost-effective in the long run. These reusable options may be the way to go since they can be used multiple times with proper cleaning and sterilization.    
  • Convenience: Reusable supplies must be cleaned and sterilized before being used again. They must be disinfected properly to prevent the spread of infection. Therefore, they also require sterilization devices, which can be quite costly. Plus, staff must be properly trained in the proper sterilization processes. These machines must also be properly maintained and replaced when necessary.   
  • Durability: Typically, reusable supplies are built to be stronger and more durable than disposable ones. They are designed to withstand use and sterilization multiple times.   
  • Availability: Reusable supplies can be harder to find because they need more prep and maintenance than their disposable counterparts.   
  • Environment: Naturally, reusable supplies are much more environmentally friendly by reducing waste. However, it is important to note that while they have less impact on the earth, they use energy, water, and cleaning supplies for proper maintenance.     

Disposable Medical Supplies  

Infection control and patient safety make disposable medical supplies the top choice for hospitals and surgical centers. Some examples of disposable medical supplies include medical disposable gloves, syringes, catheters, wound dressings, and single-use surgical drapes.  

  • Hygiene and Infection Control: Since disposable supplies are usually made to be used once and then thrown away when used properly, they help minimize the spread of infection. They are generally packaged as sterile items and are crucial in hospitals and surgery rooms.   
  • Convenience: The convenience of disposable supplies cannot be understated. Single-use, sterile materials can be a great time saver in many ways. Also, because they do not require maintenance or sterilization, disposable supplies do not require special sterilization units or cleaning supplies.    
  • Availability: Disposable supplies are readily available and packaged individually to ensure sterility. Plus, because they are made in standard sizes, quality tends to be consistent.    
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: While discussing the convenience of not requiring cleaning supplies or special machines, it is also important to note that energy and water use are also reduced. Disposable supplies generate more waste; however, many items are biodegradable, and some are made from recyclable materials.   
  • Cost: Disposable supplies make budgeting easier to predict, and their initial cost is typically less than reusable supplies.    

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing between reusable and disposable medical supplies. A combination of both types can be used in clinical, surgical, and home settings. Always follow best practices and established guidelines for whichever type of medical supplies you choose.


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