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All About Unhealthy Eating - Problems Caused By an Improper Diet

Posted on Jun 21, 2021 by HPFY

A Poor Diet Increases Your Risk of Dying from Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes. We have mentioned Major Conditions Caused by an Unhealthy Diet and How you Can Improve Your Diet. Learn More

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Ketogenic Diet: The Beginners Guide

Posted on Feb 01, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

how do you know which diet may be appropriate for you and your lifestyle? We here at HPFY can shine a light on the Ketogenic Diet and hopefully answer some questions you may have as to whether it’s appropriate for you.

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Supplementing Your Diet for Weight Gain

Posted on Jan 15, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Many people need to eat a diet that allows them to gain weight. In order to gain weight, you have to eat or supplement a diet that helps you gain or maintain your weight? HPFY may be able to shine a light on some options for you.

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Why Is Processed Food Harmful?

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

We all know about the convenience of processed foods. They can be prepared quickly and often very cheaply, but that convenience comes at a great cost. Processed foods are unhealthy and potentially harmful and should be avoided. Health Products for You can give you some facts as to why.

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How Are Antioxidants Beneficial to Health?

Posted on Nov 07, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

The health benefits of antioxidants can be numerous. You should incorporate antioxidants into your everyday diet as well as adding dietary supplements to your daily routine in order to maximize the health benefits of antioxidants. Health Products for You can give you the information you need.

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Digestive Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments

Posted on Oct 19, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

there are some basic habits and lifestyle changes that can help you become immune or can reduce the chances of contracting these disorders.At HPFY, we aim to provide every bit of information that can help you live a healthy and safe life.

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Crohn’s Disease: All You Need to Know

Posted on Mar 23, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Nothing will ruin your day faster than an upset stomach, but with an affliction such as Crohn’s disease it can be worse. Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel syndrome that can produce severe abdominal pain and tenderness, as well as other complications. While it is relatively common, there is no cure so those who suffer can only treat their symptoms.

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How to Get Rid of Gut Inflammation: Tips & Advice?

Posted on Mar 15, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Almost everyone would prefer to avoid inflammation in their gut and who would blame them. As a general rule, a lot of our physical woes can be traced to our gut and digestive system. A digestive tract that is out of order can lead to potential issues such as constipation, weight gain, and even depression. Your overall health and illnesses can start and finish with what you eat.

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Malnutrition and the Harm It Does to the Body

Posted on Jul 02, 2018 by Kevin Cleary

Our bodies are designed to extract nutrients from the food we eat. When we fail to intake the proper nutrients our bodies become less efficient and health problems can arise. These problems can include malnutrition. The effects of malnutrition will take their toll on our bodies and the impact of malnutrition can be serious. Proper Diet and Nutrients are the cure for this.

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The What, Why and Who of High-Calorie and Nutritional Supplements

Posted on Oct 03, 2017 by Swati Chadha

Supplementing diet of those with high nutritional needs and those on nutrition depleted diet, is essential for optimal health. A balanced diet fortified with tailormade supplements can work wonders.

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