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Taikhum Sadiq has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2016.

He is an archaeology student and is passionate about learning about the past and how it impacts our future. He believes that enjoying all life has to offer benefits mind and body health and wellness.

An avid traveler, he enjoys sampling different Indian cuisines. He enjoys music, especially the band Queen, calligraphy and reading.


Suction Catheters

Suction Catheter Uses In The Management Of Respiratory Disorders

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 09, 2017

Suction catheters are hollow catheter tubes used to extract mucus and saliva from the upper airway of the body. It collects the debris inside a collection canister.

Oxygen Cannulas Tubings and Connectors

Choosing Best Oxygen Cannulas For Healthy Breathing

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 10, 2017

Supplementary oxygen is provided to over hundreds of people around the world suffering from a number of breathing disorders. In developing nations it is commonly done at medical centres but in the nations like the USA, it can be easily provided at home. This is where oxygen cannulas come in. They are the go to tool to deliver supplementary oxygen at home. They are hollow tubes that directly connect to the oxygen supplying machine, and the prongs on the cannula are inserted in the nostrils for delivery of the oxygen.

Hip Replacement and Injury

Replacing the Hip – All about Hip Replacement Surgery

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 10, 2017

Hip replacement surgeries are performed when the hip joints can no longer work normally and cause immense pain and discomfort to a person.

Foley Catheters

Choosing the Right Foley Catheter

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 11, 2017

Choosing the right kind of Foley catheter is very important. Here are listed four of the best buys in the category of Foley catheters.

Portable Ramps

Choosing the Right Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 12, 2017

Modular ramps are specifically design ramp systems used to transfer wheelchair from a lower level to a higher level and vice versa.

Medical Tables

How to Use the Tilt Tables?

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 13, 2017

A simple mechanical device, tilt tables help a person stand up without actually getting up from the bed thus easing the process of treatment and rehabilitation.

Transfer Aids

Transfer Boards : Your Guide To Using Sliding Boards

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 15, 2017

Transfer boards or sliding boards are device specially designed to assist people to move from one place to another. They prevent slips or falls while moving.

Developmental Delays

Delayed Development- Understanding Types of Developmental Delays in Children

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 16, 2017

Developmental delays are basically the lagging behind of some skills during the developmental stage of some children. Some skills might be exemplified while some lag behind.

Wound Cleansers

Importance of Wound Cleansers in Wound Healing

Taikhum Sadiq Nov 20, 2017

Wound cleansers is required to remove cellular debris surface pathogens and allow for wound bed preparation to facilitate an optimal healing environment. They are mostly non-cytotoxic and also curtail bacterial growth on the wound site.

Intermittent Catheters

Pocket Catheters - A Brief Guide

Taikhum Sadiq Jul 12, 2018

Pocket catheters are the same as standard catheters, with the added feature of be concealable. They are discreet enough to be carried around in a pocket, a purse, briefcase, backpack, or makeup bag. Some pocket catheters are so compact that they can be hidden within the palm of the hand. They are packed in small packets and can be carried around in the pocket as the name suggests.

Reachers or Reaching Aids

A Brief Guide to Reachers

Taikhum Sadiq Aug 10, 2018

There are millions of people around the world who suffer from the unfortunate situation of being on bed rest for at least some period of their life. Bed ridden patients often are recommended to avoid moving their body excessively as it can aggravate the condition that put them in bed in the first place. But one always yearns to be independent even when there are confined to a bed.

Pet Supplies

Caring for Canines

Taikhum Sadiq Sep 10, 2018

Pets are very common in houses around the world. The need for an animal companion has been prevalent for years and now has gain a lot of prominence. Animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and a number of birds are some of the most common animals that are kept as pets around the world. Out of all these animals, dogs are the most common pets. They are said to be a man’s best friend.