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Taikhum Sadiq

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Taikhum Sadiq has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2016.

He is an archaeology student and is passionate about learning about the past and how it impacts our future. He believes that enjoying all life has to offer benefits mind and body health and wellness.

An avid traveler, he enjoys sampling different Indian cuisines. He enjoys music, especially the band Queen, calligraphy and reading.


Transfer Benches

Slide and Bathe

Taikhum Sadiq Apr 09, 2016

This type of transfer bench is very different from the other types of benches as in this; the user simply sits on a seat and then slides to the other side, usually on rails or a sliding frame. This reduces friction in movement considerably and makes it easy for more highly dependent patients.


All About Compression Therapy

Taikhum Sadiq May 11, 2016

Compression stockings increase the pressure in the subcutaneous tissue under the skin, which helps in reducing the pain as well as the swelling. This compression helps move excessive fluids to the capillaries and helps prevent the leakage of a lot of the fluid. Also, compression decreases the ability of the superficial veins under the skin to expand them and overfill with blood.

Stockings Accessories

Compression Accompaniments

Taikhum Sadiq May 11, 2016

Compression therapy requires a number of small items and devices that ease the usage and increase the effectiveness of the major compression products. These include detergents, lotions, pressure pads, etc. They are also known as Compression Accessories.

Stockings and Socks Aids

Compression Aids: All You Need To Know

Taikhum Sadiq May 11, 2016

Compression therapy includes major items like stockings, socks, sleeves, gloves, and gauntlets. But these products have other compatriots too that not only increase the effectiveness of the item but also increase the ease with which they can be used. They are known as Stockings and Sock Aids.

Paraffin Therapy

All About Paraffin Therapy

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Paraffin or paraffin wax is white or colorless soft solid that is derived from petroleum. It has a number of uses and applications in a number of industries. In the medical world, paraffin is used for a treatment process called paraffin therapy. In this therapy, warm oil-based paraffin wax is used to provide pain relief to hands, feet, sore joints, and muscles.

Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin Units

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Paraffin therapy requires specific units that facilitate the process of paraffin treatment. These units come in varying sizes. Some are small enough to fit on your table while some are large enough to take up a corner of your room. They are electrical appliances that require paraffin supplies to work with.

Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin Wax and Oils

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Paraffin wax is soft solid obtained from the bosom of the earth. It is extracted from petroleum that is mined from the surface of the earth. It is a solid that melt and freezes at low temperatures as compared to other solids and is hence very useful. It is used to make moulds and also used for metal casting.

Light Therapy

The Concepts of Light Therapy

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Light therapy is also known as phototherapy or heliotherapy. In this therapy, one is exposed to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using polychromatic polarized light, lasers, light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps or very bright, full-spectrum light. The light is given for a decided amount of time and, in some cases, during a specific time of day.

Cold Therapy and Cold Packs

Cold Packs and Wraps

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

A cold pack or an ice gel pack is a portable plastic bag filled with water, or refrigerant gel or liquid. When one wants to use it the contents in it are frozen and applied to the affected part.

Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot and Cold Encyclopedia

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Ice decreases the blood flow to the injury, thereby decreasing the amount of inflammation and swelling. The pain that recurs after this can be easily treated with heat, which brings the blood to the area thus promoting healing.

Hot/Cold Therapy Systems

Hot and Cold Packs

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

Hot and Cold packs are the dual faced carriers of this therapy. They are made of materials that can be used as mediums for both heat and cold. They are combined with a comfortable garment that fits around perfectly on the affected part and starts working its magic.

Heat Therapy and Hot Packs

Hot Packs and Wraps

Taikhum Sadiq May 23, 2016

A hot pack or wrap is a pad used to provide warmth to different parts of the body in order to manage pain. Localized application of heat results in the dilation of the blood vessels in that area thus enhancing perfusion to the targeted tissue. There are four types of hot packs which include electrical, chemical, material and hot water bottles.