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HPFY Staff Writers are product experts with years of experience in medical supplies and equipment retail. They specialize in understanding the typical usage of our products, the differentiation between brands and have insights on product popularity and features. Each article is researched and reviewed to provide the most accurate and educational material. We believe that Knowledge is Power which is why we hold our writing team to the highest standards to provide up-to-date and precise information to empower our customers


Aging in Place 101: 11 Products for Making Your Home Safer

HPFY Staff Writer Aug 25, 2023

Aging may mean leaving the home you love. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay in your house safely? How can you achieve this? We have 13 products to keep you in your home. READ MORE


15 Products For Post-Operative Care

HPFY Staff Writer Aug 25, 2023

Post-operative care is essential for fast healing after surgery. Read more to find 15 of our best products for after-surgery home care.

Making A Difference

5 Healthy Snacks for Older Adults

HPFY Staff Writer Aug 26, 2023

As we age, nutrition becomes even more important. These 5 healthy snacks for older adults provide energy and help maintain health.

Weight Management Nutrition

7 Best Meal Replacement Shakes for a Healthier You

HPFY Staff Writer Aug 26, 2023

Strike the perfect balance between convenience and nourishment. Explore our list of the best meal replacement shakes today!

Pain Relief

Chronic Pain Management: 8 Pain Relief Tools for Your Help

HPFY Staff Writer Aug 30, 2023

Chronic pain can be an ongoing battle, affecting every aspect of life. Whether it's arthritis, joint pain, muscle discomfort, or any form of persistent pain, finding effective relief is paramount. But the quest for chronic pain management can be daunting. To help you manage chronic pain, HPFY is here with a list of 8 effective chronic pain relief devices to empower you on your pain-relief journey.

Posture Corrector

5 Best Posture Correctors That Are Worth Your Money

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 06, 2023

To correct your posture it would be great to have a medical aid to assist you. We have 5 of the best posture correctors available. READ MORE

Vitamin Supplements

The 5 Best Vitamin B12 Supplements

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 07, 2023

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important nutrients for the systems in our bodies to function properly. Find 5 of our best vitamin B12 supplements for 2024. READ MORE.

Making A Difference

5 Best Hand Sanitizers for Effective Germ Protection

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 11, 2023

Hand sanitizers have been around for years and became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are classified as an antiseptic product formulated with ingredients that kill germs. With so many choices, how do you know which is the best hand sanitizer for you and your family? We have put together a list of the 5 Best Hand Sanitizers. READ MORE.

Making A Difference

Ten Best Bariatric Products

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 12, 2023

Bariatric patients can have a hard time finding the right medical products. Which ones are right for me? Can they handle larger patients? We have 10 great bariatric products for you. READ MORE

Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief: 10 Things That Can Help!

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 12, 2023

The constant throbbing pain, stiffy joints, and discomfort you feel almost every day after waking up is not normal. Find the right products that can help with joint pain relief. READ MORE.

Cardio Exercise Equipment

5 Best Cardio Machines for Your Home Gym

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 13, 2023

Cardiovascular exercise improves metabolism by letting you burn calories fast. Find 5 best cardio machines in 2024 to kick-start your weight loss journey.

Cardio Exercise Equipment

12 Best Home Workout Equipment

HPFY Staff Writer Sep 14, 2023

A home gym can be expensive, so if you're looking for the best home workout equipment that won’t break the bank, we can help. Here’s our list of the 12 workout machines for home.