How Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing Works for You?

How Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing Works for You?

The Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing provides special, unique healing properties for a variety of wounds from those with no drainage to wounds with moderate drainage.

The science of wound care has been around since man walked upright, some methods have survived the test of time and the use of honey is one of them. We think of honey today as just a sweetener, but there is science behind the concept. Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressings use this “ancient science” to create an ideal environment for wounds to properly heal, as well as promoting natural autolytic debridement. By optimizing the healing environment, our bodies can repair themselves quicker and with less potential infection and discomfort.

The Sweet Science Behind TheraHoney Dressing

How the Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing Works for You

So how exactly is something we sweeten our tea with going to help heal our wounds? First of all, medical grade honey is made from 100% Manuka honey that comes from the pollen and nectar of the Leptospurmum Scoparium plant that is found in New Zealand. Honey can help neutralize the pH level of a wound bed, therefore minimizing surviving bacteria in the wound. Obviously, with fewer bacteria in the wound bed, the risk of infection is minimized. Not only does honey have antibacterial properties, but it can also promote production of cells that can repair infected tissue, according to One product of this medicinal honey is hydrogen peroxide, which as we all know is great for cleaning wounds, but there are other compounds found in honey to help with healing. Methylglyoxal is a compound found in honey that has antibacterial properties and is derived from the conversion of dihydroxyacetone, which is found in the nectar of Manuka flowers. Once again, nature to the rescue!!

How to Apply TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing?

Medical grade honey (Manuka) is normally applied to the wound bed and covered with some form of bandage-like gauze and the Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing are no different.

When applying to a wound bed, simply open tube and remove foil seal and replace flip top cap. The TheraHoney Wound Gel should be applied to the wound using an applicator or a gloved hand using the thickness of a nickel as a good guideline for amount. Once the wound is completely covered, apply some form of bandaging, such as sterile gauze or an adhesive bandage. Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel promotes natural autolytic debridement and is ideal for difficult to dress wounds. This clears away necrotic tissue and creates a moist wound bed, while minimizing odor due to its 100% Manuka medical grade honey and no fillers. TheraHoney Wound Gel can be applied to a dressing before application and can stay in place up to seven days. Options such as the Medline TheraHoney Foam Flex Dressing or the Medline TheraHoney Gauze Honey Sheet Dressing are wound dressings that are already impregnated with 100% Manuka honey for your convenience. When it comes time to change your dressing, simply clean the area with a saline solution, dab dry, and reapply as necessary. Medline TheraHoney will not be visible since it dilutes over time in the wound bed and this dilution is a good indication of when the dressing should be changed. Creating an optimum environment for the wound bed can expedite the healing process and reduce discomfort. Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel can be used in a wide variety of applications, from minor scrapes and abrasions to leg ulcers and burns.


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Medline TheraHoney Gel Honey Dressing

Indicated for wounds with no to moderate drainage, The Medline TheraHoney Wound Gel Honey Dressing uses natural means to help difficult to dress wounds heal. Using the natural autolytic debridement ability of 100% Manuka honey from New Zealand, this easy to apply gel can help those difficult to dress wounds that have a tendency to be stubborn. Let Mother Nature aid in the healing process!!


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